Student Athletes

Important Information for Student Athletes

– Know your school GPA requirement for sports. (No F’s)

–  Seniors must have a minimum of four classes to participate in sports. Underclassmen must have five classes.

Review KPSAA Requirement

Tips for Student – Athletes and Their Families

Plan for Playing Sports After High School 

If you are a student athlete an interested in playing sports after high school you will need to register with NCAA or the appropriate organization your junior year and meet their requirements.  For example, NCAA has more rigorous course requirements than KPBSD graduation requirements. Below you will find links to eligibility requirements.  Not all associations are listed.


NCAA Guide For the College Bound Student Athlete



Getting Recruited

Your sports coaches are excellent resources for helping you navigate the recruitment process. They can help you get connected with tournaments where sports recruiters will be attending from various colleges. In addition colleges and universities each have recruiting questionnaires that you must fill out to be considered.  You can google the school you are interested in and search for their questionnaires.

Recruiting Questionnaires and Forms



Select your sport from the menu at the top of the page. Choose “More” and click “Recruiting Questionnaire.”

Highlights, Reels, and Stats

One way for recruiters to find you is through websites where you posts your highlights and stats.



(If you need further information I will do my best to help with the recruiting process.)