There are many websites and scholarship opportunities available.  Remember searching for and applying for scholarships is each student’s responsibility. I am happy to assist you in the process, please schedule a time to meet.

Quick Tips: Start working for the Alaska Performance Scholarship your freshman year you could graduate with almost $20,ooo of scholarship money for an Alaskan College or Vocational/Technical School.  UA Scholar is an $12,000 scholarship for the University of Alaska awarded to the top 10% of graduating high school seniors and is initially awarded based off of junior year cumulative spring GPA.  (Small schools 1 student is nominated due to small senior class sizes)

Plan ahead – Start your search early!

Scholarships Money, Money, Money!

Note: When looking for scholarships look in this order:

1. Local

2. State

3. National (remember to include minority status if applicable)

Scholarship Tracker

Track the scholarships you are applying for an have received with this spreadsheet

Scholarship Tracker Spreadsheet


Also look for scholarships provided by organizations that you or your family members participate in for example: fishing companies, safari club, corporations etc.


Federal (Click on Financial Aid Tab From Home Page to Learn More)


Alaska Performance Scholarship

UA Scholar

National (Lower Income – Ivy League)

Native Specific

Contact Native Corporations that you are affiliated with.

American Indian Education Foundation – Awards Scholarships to American Indians and Alaska Natives

American Indian Services – Awards Scholarships to American Indians and Alaska Natives

American Indian College Fund – Awards Scholarships to American Indians and Alaska Natives

Chugach – Awards to shareholders and descendants

Chugachamuit – Awards to shareholders and descendants (Click Below For The Correct Form)

NIEA – Awards to shareholders and descendants

CIRI Foundation –  Awards to shareholders and descendants

 Doyon Foundation – Awards to shareholders and descendants






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