Post-Secondary Prep

College Admissions

Step By Step Planning It is Never To Early

Factors to Consider When Choosing a College

Narrow Down Your Options By What is Most Important to You (It says college, but can be used for trade school etc.)

Find The Right College For You

Compare Colleges

Tribal Colleges and Universities (Alaska Native and American Indian Colleges)

Apprenticeships (Check out the quick links on the right hand side

Job-Corps (If you qualify for free and reduced lunch you may qualify for free room, board, and training each state in the US has its’ own program training in growing industries)

Job Corps Alaska (Ask Ms. Natali for registration paperwork)

Post-Secondary Planning/Assessments

Alaska Career and Information System (AKCIS)

Resumes                                                                                         (Sign up for an account. Easy to use resume builder)

Tips for Writing Your Personal Statement

Short Video – 10 Tips to Help You Put Together Your Personal Statement



Skill Building

Job Corps – Free Training/Room and Board for those that meet income requirements

 RAHI – Rural Alaska Honors Institute 6 week free summer program at UAF earn 8-10 credits and learn college prep skills


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